Significant Cost Savings

Prices for the same procedure done by different doctors in your network can vary by up to 1000%.

If your employees don’t know who charges what, you’ll both overpay.

Great Doctors, Great Prices

Doctors and facilities charging fair prices often have excellent quality. Medefy has a host of quality metrics to help your employees make the best choice.

Great Doctors, Great Prices

Not only are there already great prices in your existing doctor network but there are also quality physicians too. Medefy has a host of quality metrics to ensure they’re making the best choice.

Driving the Cost of Care Down

For most companies, healthcare cost ranks just below salaries as their leading (and fastest rising!) expense. This is partly due to inefficient spending: employees are spending employer healthcare dollars (as well as their own!) with no knowledge of cost. When you add in the fact that prices for the same procedure within the same network can vary between 100-1000%, the need to see and compare procedures by doctor and price before the service is rendered becomes crucial.

Your Employees want this… and need it.

70% of employees have asked their employers to provide them tools to help manage their rising healthcare spend. And, since half of employees in the U.S. have been moved into high deductible health plans, this isn’t surprising. Now that employees have more skin in the game, their desire to shop for the best healthcare within their network has gone from a passing curiosity to a vital need. Considering that high medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy among insured employees today, Medefy can be a life-saving AND cost saving tool for both your company and your employees.

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