It’s hard to connect and engage employees with their health benefits, isn’t it?

Medefy makes it easy.

Today's Employee Demands Something Different

We've all felt the major shift - today's employee is younger, more tech savvy, and communicates much differently. Traditional ways of connecting with them about benefits are failing miserably, and the resulting lack of communication, rising costs, and glaring disengagement is a major concern. But there's hope - what if there was a way to directly connect with your employees about their health needs, their benefits, and positive action in a familiar way they already use everyday? Read on!

Push Messaging is the Answer

Personalized engagement based on employee needs

It turns out employees actually want to be communicated with by their company health plan, but ONLY if that information is personalized and relevant to their health situation. Medefy’s robust backstage analysis identifies employee health needs and opportunities, and then engages them with messaging relevant to their situation. This “whole view” of the employee is critical to engagement that is relevant, timely, and most importantly, stunningly effective! Medefy can discover who needs to get screened, who needs to see a PCP, who hasn’t gotten preventative care and more, and can personalize messaging direct to those employees or employee groups, right on their smartphone.

Personalized Engagement

Health Benefits Shouldn't be a Mystery

Industry lingo, paper manuals, scattered emails, mass confusion. Health benefits communication today feels like a math test mixed with a vocab lesson. Baby Boomers don't like it, Millennials largely reject and ignore it, and free-falling engagement rates are the proof. What if there was a central place to go, where everything is plain-language, easily understood, and an employee could actually communicate with the health plan, all on your smartphone? We're glad you asked!

Benefits Made Easy

Medefy - Your Health Benefits Tech Partner!

Health benefits plans have changed dramatically over the past twenty years, but, unfortunately, health benefits communications and engagement strategy hasn’t. Companies expend enormous resources, effort, and energy every year to provide the best health benefits to their employees they can, but employee engagement, communication, and proper use remain very low. Is it truly a surprise? Thick enrollment manuals no one reads, confusing, sporadic emails, an endless parade of new lingo, long typed letters sent to the home (that generally end up in the garbage) – employers are still attempting to communicate with employees about health benefits the same way they did in the 90’s. It didn’t work well then, and it works even worse today.

Employers in the 21st Century have to face the new reality: working Millennials and their tech-savvy Baby Boomer counterparts simply will not engage unless the employer connects with them in a way they’re accustomed to. Employees want personalized communication, on-the-go interaction when and where they are, and tools to help them make responsible healthcare decisions. Medefy delivers that experience in a revolutionary, easy-to-use, cost-effective way that takes engagement, connection, and cost-savings to the next level!

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