The Secret to Engagement?

What’s not a secret is that healthcare is inconvenient, complex, and difficult for the average person to understand. What do people want from healthcare? They want a real person, on-demand, to help guide them, via mobile.

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Medefy Supercharges Your Ability to Connect Instantly!

Modern people expect modern communication. Medefy enables your healthcare organization to engage people in the mode they’re accustomed to.

Live Chat With A Healthcare Expert

Quickly and easily connect with on-demand human help to answer questions or guide you through the healtcare process.

Stand out with your own white-label

Medefy enables your organization to customize our app with your logos and colors!

Engage Members With Push Notifications

Need a differentiator? Medefy makes it easy to instantly send messages to an entire population, a group, or an individual person.

Other Helpful Tools

Organization information, benefits breakdowns, accumlator feeds, doctors networks, insurance cards etc... We include it all!

Does it work?

Organizations using Medefy see major increases in engagement, member satisfaction, cost savings and revenue. It’s also easy to use and extemely simple to get started!