Analytics aren’t new, but individual, person-level, “actionable” analytics were a myth. Until now.

If everyone interacts with health benefits differently, it stands to reason that employers have to engage with employees differently too. Medefy can unify your data sources – claims, wellness data, demographics, participation, eligibility, and others – to identify how your employees are using their benefits, what their individual needs are, issues they’re having medically, who is (and isn’t) utilizing benefits effectively, and creates a personalized, multi-channel outreach to engage with that employee. This is the future of health benefits – individually connecting with each employee, based on their individual needs, in an easy, technology-driven way. The future of connected, massive employee engagement is now!

Big Data

Medefy unifies your data in one place, so we can see what’s going on company-wide, down to individual employees.

Identify Opportunities

Who needs care? Who could be visiting a direct contract or lower cost provider? Who could be taking advantage of an incentive? The data can tell this, and much, much more.

Connect & Engage

The data tells the story – then what? Medefy can reach out with powerful direct messaging, personalized to the employee to prompt action!